Hello! 안녕하세요!
I am Sangwon Kim and you are stopping by my blog. Every post in here is about my thought, opinion, idea, feeling, and experience than informational. And these things always can be wrong.

Programming was just my hobby and my major was international trade when I was in university. There were no programmers around me. So, I could not ask someone what makes me stuck, but Google. However, hackathons changed everything. I have participated in lots of hackathons. I could make a lot of friends, learned how to communicate, and experienced co-working from hackathons. At that time, I decided to double-major in computer science.

Programming is still my hobby, though I started my career as a programmer. I like creating something that seems to be unuseful. Because sometimes code can just be fun.

I live in Seoul, Korea, and open to working remotely. you can also find me at Github and Linkedin.